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Marceline Abadeer: Marceline's got a head cold! A glorious head cold! And since it's the holidays, she's decided to share! link Dec 15, 2013 16:04:30 GMT
Ichiro Yoshi: Hiro gets roped into working as an elf for the holidays. But of course the children are as tactful as can be expected... link Dec 15, 2013 16:11:31 GMT
Kori Ander: Kori enjoys the winter weather in the way you should enjoy it: by ordering cold drinks and getting frustrated. link Dec 15, 2013 16:24:31 GMT
Twilight Sparkle: Twilight's doing her holiday shopping and accidentally mistakes someone for an employee at a cheese and meat stand, because... link Dec 15, 2013 16:57:31 GMT
Peter Pan: Peter is going to see his first movie on the big screen. Good luck trying to get him to shut up while it's playing. link Dec 19, 2013 2:21:29 GMT
Darwin Daugherty: Darwin has sent a letter to Fluttershy to finally meet without saying who he was. Will this be fun times or the end of the world? link Dec 19, 2013 2:41:50 GMT
Twilight Sparkle: Twilight decides to revisit the old invisible section of the forest. She's got magic now, so surely nothing can go wrong, right? link Jan 9, 2014 17:18:43 GMT
Laharl Krichevskoy: Laharl has been mooned, and decides to seek revenge upon the person doing the mooning. He has decided that someone should accompany him on his revenge. link Jan 9, 2014 17:28:42 GMT
Kori Ander: "Soon Kori was singing and dancing, shouting at the speaker that spoke truth in the middle of the garden, while wearing an outrageously brilliant neon outfit." It's about Fox l Jan 9, 2014 17:57:49 GMT
Marceline Abadeer: Marceline's decided that a random person in the picnic area is someone she may or may not have hooked up with last night. Perhaps this is your character? link Jan 9, 2014 18:13:46 GMT
Ichiro Yoshi: after getting a late night meal, Hiro has to take the last cab. the catch? So does someone else: link Jan 9, 2014 20:13:25 GMT
Deleted: Shock is playing a prank on all of the students in the dorms. Are you a victim? link Jan 10, 2014 3:43:20 GMT
Deleted: Gaston is being 'hunted' by a small boy pretending to be a velociraptor. Anyone want to save the him? Link Jan 10, 2014 5:08:58 GMT
Deleted: Shock thinks the ice cream shop's mascot is actually an evil monster. Seems legit…Link Jan 10, 2014 5:12:53 GMT
Deleted: Fluttershy has gotten herself hopelessly lost in a hedge maze. Someone save the poor girl before she freezes out there! Link Jan 10, 2014 19:21:40 GMT
Deleted: What's worse than being stuck in an extremely crowded elevator? It depends on who you are stuck with… Link Jan 10, 2014 20:05:49 GMT *
Deleted: For all of you students out there: Gym class is now starting! Don't be late, or Gaston might just come up with an exercise for you… Link Jan 15, 2014 4:14:15 GMT *
Dr. Delbert Doppler: Dr Delbert Doppler is the new teacher at Tenebrae Estates. Problem is, he's never taught anyone anything before and the technology is too outdated for his Feb 9, 2014 17:59:58 GMT
Dr. Delbert Doppler: Delbert doesn't know what a hot dog is. Anyone fancy helping the poor guy out? Feb 9, 2014 20:23:37 GMT
Matthew Williams: sorry not sorry for the terrible pun Feb 20, 2014 15:09:36 GMT